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Johnson Associates Psychological Services 

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The content of our sessions is considered to be confidential.  If you want us to release information about the nature of our sessions or if you want copies of psychological evaluations sent out, then we will need prior authorization with your signature .The exceptions to confidentiality include circumstances where you or your child is at risk for self-harm or harm to others.  We feel that a person’s safety and protection are higher values than confidentiality, and information could be shared with appropriate individuals in those cases.  Those situations tend to be very rare.  Our preferences are to have you review any report that might be sent out to your lawyer, healthcare provider or an educational institution. 


As indicated above, our psychological services are provided in our offices at 2 Goff Street, in schools and/or clients’ homes (in rare circumstances).  We maintain an answering machine for calls that need to be returned after office hours.  Since our services are primarily outpatient and in schools, we are limited in our abilities to provide emergency services.  If you need hospital based services, it will be important for you to work with a physician or other healthcare provider that provides hospital based services.  If you are in crisis and we are unable to return your call during the crisis, it is important to take advantage of local hospitals and emergency services.  The telephone number for the crisis hotline for Central Maine Medical Center and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is 783-4680. 


Insurance companies and managed care groups sometimes require communication between a psychologist and the client’s primary care physician.  Please advise us either way as to whether or not you would like us to communicate with your primary care physician or other healthcare provider.  If you would like us to communicate with another healthcare provider, please sign the necessary authorizations. 


If you are a private client and are responsible for paying for the service, then we expect payment at the end of the session.  Please note that we charge for unkept appointments unless you give us a 24-hour notice of cancellation. We need to know ahead of time if you will be responsible for the full fee or if your insurance company, law firm or referring organization will be responsible for payment.  If a third party is involved in paying for all or a portion of the service, then we need authorization prior to providing the service.